Stephanie Reese, Spray Tan Artist
Stephanie Reese is one of the pioneers of the spray tanning industry. She was trained at one of the first spray tanning companies in Los Angeles, before starting her own business nearly seven years ago. Mobile spray tanning was once a luxury only celebrities could afford, but Stephanie's dream was to make this an affordable service available to a larger clientele. Stephanie is also one of the only spray tan artists to offer rapid tanning, which takes only 2-4 hours to develop. Stephanie is centrally located
in Hollywood, making it easy to
travel anywhere in Los Angeles.
She takes appointments
  7 days a week.

Congratulations to my client Zibby Allen! 
Zibby recently sported a Spray Tan by Steph while portraying a spray tan artist in Go Daddy's 2014 Superbowl Commercial. 
You can check out Zibby and her tan here:

Check out Steph's client Ayah Marar rocking her spray tan in her new music video for "Thinking about you" with Calvin Harris


Stephanie recently tanned Bailee Moore for her music video for 
"Life of the Party"

Stephanie had the pleasure of tanning the models for Wildfox Couture's Swim 2013 campaign

                        The Spray Tans by Steph Mission

  •  With over 6 years of experience, Stephanie is one of the first mobile spray tan artists in Los Angeles. Unlike spas and salons that have high employee turnover, which results in inexperienced spray tan technicians, Stephanie always provides her clients with consistently flawless work.

  • By operating her own business, Stephanie is personally invested in each and every client. She truly cares about the result of every spray tan she performs, and is always striving to achieve the most natural looking tan possible.

  • She is passionate about providing the best spray tanning experience available. Stephanie constantly tests every spray tan solution on the market to ensure her clients receive the latest technology and the most high-quality solution.

  • Stephanie understands that each client's skin tone, and desired color is different. She provides several options of all-natural classic and rapid solutions in a variety of colors, which she customizes for each of her clients.

  • She believes everyone deserves the full luxury experience. Unlike other companies, Stephanie never up-charges for "add-ons." Every client receives every element required to create a beautiful tan and an enjoyable experience.

For One Flat Rate You Receive:

Your choice of solution

    - Classic EcoCert Certified Organic-
Available in light to extra dark. All-natural, certified organic DHA, 100% vegan (approved by peta), free of fragrances, preservatives, parabens or other harsh chemicals. Develops in 8 hrs. 


   - Rapid Tan-
Tan in half the time! Ideal for those with a tight schedule or in need of a last-minute tan. Same all-natural solution, but with a higher percentage of DHA, resulting in a faster-developing tan. Simply wear solution for 3-5 hours after appointment and shower off.

Two coats of solution

Known by other companies as "double dipping" many competitors will charge extra for a second coat of solution, considering it an "add-on" or "up-charge." Stephanie never charges her clients extra to reach their desired level of color. She believes at least a partial second coat is essential. Everyone's body absorbs the solution differently, and in order for the tan to appear even, a second pass at certain body parts is often required. A second coat also provides the client with the option of "contouring" (applying a darker tint to specific areas of the body to make them appear slimmer).



Stephanie Reese with her clients, the Clipper Dancers

  • Stephanie is the official spray tan artist for The L.A. Clippers Dance Team

The In Style Cover that features Stephanie's interview article

  • Spray Tans by Steph featured in the Winter 2010 issue of InStyle Weddings

Stephanie's In Style article interview


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